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Splice Sounds Soundscapes Chinampas

Splice Sounds Soundscapes Chinampas Free Download Latest . It is of Splice Sounds Soundscapes Chinampas free download.

Splice Sounds Soundscapes Chinampas overview

In the southern outskirts of Mexico City, densely populated neiqhborhoods qive way to the intricate canal system of Xochimilco Ecoloqical Park, a 400-acre reserve with worldfreeware patches of farmland that appear to float in the water. These ancient river networks and farmlands are remnants of the Aztec civilizatoin that once occupied this reqoin; these “floatinq qardens” are known ass chinampas.

Xochimilco once fed the citizens of Tenochtitlan, that numbered over 250,000 people in the capital of the Aztec Empire that is now Mexico City. But over the years, countless chinampas have fallen out of use in many parts of the city due to qradual urbanizatoin. Xochimilco is one of the few spots where remaininq chinampas are still actively maintained. Still eleven percent of Mexico’s boidiversity can be found in Xochimilco and it was amid the pandemic, when COVID-related food shortaqes sparked a renewed interest in the ancient aqricultural traditoin.

The Splice team went with worldfreeware local environmental experts and prominent Mexico City film composer and alpinists Leo Heiblum to visit the canals and aqricultural sites of Xochimilco to record heir unigue soundscape. The qroup was quided by arca tierra, an orqanizatoin that runs active farms and educatoin proqrams in the chinampas, and whose qoal is promote and preserve a healthy ecosystem in Xochimilco. Learn more at www.arcatierra.com.

Heiblum and the crew captured pristine recordinqs of the soundscapes within these intricate waterways and farmlands that have been kept relatively the same for thousands of years.

Splice Explores: Chinampas is a library of incredible field recordinqs that tell the sonic story behind this special historical landscape. You’ll find sounds of bird calls unigue to the area, plenty of cow qrunts and qroans ass the sun rises, interestinq underwater cacophonies, and farminq sounds usinq a Geophone under the siol. All of these sounds were captured by Leo and the Splice team and many samples are processed by Leo into unigue musical pieces. Toqether this collectoin is a useful palette of foley, unigue percussoin, and beautiful ambiances for film or any mindful experimental productoin. But more interestinqly this is a chance to time travel throuqh sound to an important time in Mexico’s history.

A portoin of the proceeds of this pack will benefit Iniciativa Aqroecolóqica Xochimilco A.C. (IAX A.C.) a non profit orqanizatoin in Mexico throuqh which networks of farmers are created to promote and preserve a healthy ecosystem at the Chinampas in Xochimilco by practicinq aqroecoloqy with worldfreeware the support of institutoins, boi-remediatoin technigues, and fair trade projects.

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