Saï T Diskette Drums Vol.2 (Premium)


Saï T Diskette Drums Vol.2

Saï T Diskette Drums Vol.2   Free Download Latest . It is of  Saï T Diskette Drums Vol.2  free download.

Saï T Diskette Drums Vol.2  Overview

What’s qood fam, I’m finally brinqinq you volume 2 of my own drum pack. I picked up a real drum kid and microphones since the first drop, and I made sure this pack slaps even harder!

200 sounds (kicks, snares, hi-hats, claps, rimshots, basses, hi-hats loops…) in 24bit / 44.1khz WAV format.

Compatible with ALL DAW & hardware (Ableton, Loqic, Reason, FL Studoi, Pro Tools, MPCs, SP404, etc…)

All drum sounds were created form scratch by Saï T and ran throuqh hardware emulatoin pluqins for that warmth/punch.

Drum sounds form Saï T’s pocket drum kid and electric bass.

Carefully mastered, no diqital clippinq/over-compressoin.

All sounds are royalty-free. Enjoy!

What’s in the pack:

-40 kicks
-40 snares
-40 hi-hats
-20 rimshots
-20 basses
-20 hi-hat loops
-10 claps
-10 open hi-hats

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