JD Kodachrome V2 Lightroom Presets (Premium)


JD Kodachrome V2 Lightroom Presets

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Name Details
File Name JD Kodachrome V2 Lightroom Presets
Source https://www.josephdagostinophotography.com/lightroom-color-presets/kodachrome-preset-pack
File size 31 KB
Publisher JD Kodachrome
update and Published 2023

All presets are . The XMP file format is designed to be used with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Lightroom CC, or Adobe Camera Raw. (Later than version 7.3)

JD Kodachrome V2
Black Kodachrome Frame
Kodachrome 1930s
Kodachrome 25
Kodachrome 64
Kodachrome 64 Adjusted
Kodachrome 64 Contrast +
Kodachrome 64 Highlights
Kodachrome Expired Tones 1
Kodachrome Expired Tones 2
Kodachrome Expired Tones 3
Kodachrome McCurry – Grain
Kodachrome McCurry + Grain
Kodachrome NYC Tones
Kodachrome Vintage 1
Kodachrome Vintage 2
White Kodachrome Frame

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