Gumroad – Color Constructor 1.2.0 Free Download (WIN+MAC)


Gumroad – Color Constructor Overview
Gumroad – Color Constructor  Free Download Latest . It is of  Gumroad – Color Constructor  free download.

Gumroad – Color Constructor Overview

Gumroad – Color Constructor b1.2.0 – Lighting Constructor Software
Colour Constructor is a study and workflow tool that is designed to help you design the colours and values for a painting or image you are making according to a light source and ambient term.
Paint with confidence, without needing to always rely on photographic reference.

Features Gumroad – Color Constructor

  • Learn and study light physics, never before has it been so easy to see what effect lighting has on the colours and values of objects.
  • Generate realistic value ranges to help give your paintings more depth.
  • Interactive colour and light mixing. See your results in real time, affecting multiple objects at once.
  • Swatch window, have all the swatches in one place and export them to your favourite painting package.
  • Over-exposure warnings which help keep the colour scheme properly exposed.

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