Ghosthack Chromatic Chaos Color Bass (Premium)


Ghosthack Chromatic Chaos Color Bass

Ghosthack Chromatic Chaos Color Bass   Free Download Latest . It is of  Ghosthack Chromatic Chaos Color Bass  free download.

Ghosthack Chromatic Chaos Color Bass Overview

Electrify Your Tracks With a Creative Spark!
Hold on tight! The Chromatic Chaos – Color Bass is a bewildering journey through sonic alchemy. The magic of the iconic color bass sound is achieved through a special transmutation process that allows a lackluster, simple bass synth to evolve into something extraordinary. We’ve captured this ecstatic energy in the form of 165 loops, 480 one-shot samples, 40 MIDI files and 35 Serum presets to help kickstart your workflow. Weighing in at 394MB, this pack is loaded with impressive, sparkling sounds.

Born out of a unique processing technique, rather than a specific genre, the Color Bass movement continues to infiltrate and influence a constantly evolving bass-heavy music scene. Tapping into the tonal superpowers of tools like pitch shifters and vocoders, we’ve injected a rainbow of harmonic moonshine into every bass stab, growl, wobble, stutter and pitch bend. Working this impressive sound design into your projects will push your musical limits, and your production skills, into a new realm.

The Chromatic Chaos – Color Bass Collection features ideas and sounds that emerged somewhere between Melodic Dubstep and Future Bass. The stand-out results honor elements of both, while also introducing a range of vibrant and colorful frequencies not normally heard in its darker, heavier counterparts. With this pack you can start producing high-quality tracks, with authentic professional sounds.

All sounds in this pack are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. So you can chase inspiration freely, knowing whatever you make is entirely yours! Be sure to check out our Color Bass Essentials collection before you depart today if you’re on the prowl for more great sounds to work with. It’s packed with the sounds you want!

What You Will Find in This Pack

190 Bass Hits
30 Claps
40 Cymbals
30 Kicks
30 Perc Hits
30 Snares
30 Tambourine Hits
50 Sound FX
25 Melodic One-Shots

50 Bass Loops
25 Drum Loops
with 50 STEMs
25 Melody Loops
with MIDI

35 Serum Presets (Basses, Lead, Pluck)
File Format: 24bit 44.1kHz
BPM Range: 150 BPM
Total Files: 700
Total Size: 394 MB

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