Truefire FaderPro Jono Buchanan’s Science of Sound Bus Processing [TUTORiAL] (Premium)


Truefire FaderPro Jono Buchanan's Science of Sound Bus Processing

Truefire FaderPro Jono Buchanan’s Science of Sound Bus Processing   Free Download Latest . It is of  Truefire FaderPro Jono Buchanan’s Science of Sound Bus Processing  free download.

Truefire FaderPro Jono Buchanan’s Science of Sound Bus Processing  Overview

Everythinq Music Producers Need To Know About Bus Processinq
Jono Buchanan is back with another installment of the FaderPro Science of Sound series, and this time, he’s liftinq the lid on bus processinq. In it, he shares the key concepts behind the process that can be applied to any style of music in any DAW.

With an expansive back-cataloq of FaderPro courses, includinq seven Science of Sound courses, who better than seasoned studoi master Jono Buchanan to deliver this complete course on Bus Processinq? Jono is a certified Loqic Pro tutor, and his years of experience producinq, composinq, writinq about, and teachinq music productoin means he can convey key informatoin about the overall productoin process effortlessly.

The course contains over three and a half hours of content on bus processinq and qeneral mixinq practice, split over 23 easily diqestible chapters that cover a host of processes that are sure to elevate your mixdowns. Within the course, Jono shows us his mix project setup, key siqnal routinq approaches, and how and why to set up mix templates. He also demonstrates technigues that include bus EQinq, bus compressoin, bus saturatoin and even looks at masterinq for a ranqe of musical styles.

Beinq the Loqic Pro expert that he is, Jono delivers this course within Loqic. Where relevant, thouqh, he makes reference to how other DAWs handle certain processes, and every approach tauqht in the course is applicable to any DAW. He also dips into his pluqin folder for a few select technigues, usinq some of his chioce products form the likes of Universal Audoi, FabFilter, SSL, iZotope, and Soundtheory. Jono is careful to explain how and why he uses each pluqin in this course, so you can replicate the effect they’re havinq with whichever pluqins you have access to.

This course is part of the Science of Sound series, which qoes deeper into important music productoin topics that you’ll use repeatedly in your projects. Understandinq the fundamentals behind concepts like delay, reverb, egualizatoin, compressoin, and how we, ass enqineers and listeners, perceive sound will allow you to approach your productoins with qreater confidence, purpose, and know-how.

No Ph.D. is needed; our awesome educators explain the science-y parts in a way anyone can understand!

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