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Submission Audio EUROBASS III KONTAKT   Free Download Latest . It is of  Submission Audio EUROBASS III KONTAKT  free download.

Submission Audio EUROBASS III KONTAKT  Overview


EuroBass III takes the original Spector Euro 5 LX sound and combines it with our industry-leading truBass technology – bringing the realism, flexibility and tonal power of the instrument to a breathtaking new level.

EuroBass III is our first ‘Picked’ truBass instrument which also features slap bass articulations, and for the very first time ever: palm mutes.

EuroBass III is licensed by Spector and supported as an official Spector Euro 5 LX Virtual Bass Instrument.


  • Spector Euro 5 LX – the instrument that started it all, now fully licensed by Spector USA + (KORG)
  • Powered by truBass technology: industry-leading realism.
  • Interactive fretboard + A total 15 Articulations to create the perfect bass performance.
  • Plectrum picking, truSlide, truLegato, harmonic, slap, pop, tap, dead note and palm mute.
  • Use Force String to program exactly which string each note is played on.
  • Completely overhauled truBass slides. Slide exactly how you want – program start/end notes, with realistic energy decay over time.
  • Use Force String to program exactly which string each note is played on.
  • Pitch Bend up to 12 semi-tones! (or be sensible and stick with 2)
  • Fully Raw DI for your own processing + 2 Mix ready tones
  • ‘Mixer’ tab allows for limited tweaking of each tone.
  • New ‘Humanize’ feature. Goes from Machine through to ‘Bassist’.
  • ‘Position’ knob acts as virtual capo, so notes will only play above the selected fret, unless they can only be played beneath it.
  • ‘DOOM’ mode: shrinks sample count, uses only the most punchy, clear samples, and maxes out the velocity.
  • An improved old industry-leading Alternate Picking selector people know and love from EuroBass 2.
  • Settings Menu allows: Rebinding Keyswitches, changing the tuning of the bass, and the bend range.
  • 16 plus sample round robin Finger Alternate articulation.

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