Fstoppers – The Headshot Crash Course (Premium)


Fstoppers – The Headshot Crash Course


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File Name Fstoppers – The Headshot Crash Course
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Publisher Fstoppers
update and Published 2023

This excerpt from Fstoppers‘ Well Rounded Photographer includes an hour and a half crash course from Peter Hurley on headshot photography. Peter Hurley became the world’s most famous headshot photographer over a decade ago after his signature style took over the acting scene in New York City. When we first released The Art Behind the Headshot, neither Peter nor Fstoppers had any idea just how much it would transform the photography world. Today, Peter Hurley is one of the most sought-after photographers and educators in the industry, and he has singlehandedly changed the world of headshot and portrait photography. In Peter’s lesson, he shares some of his most useful lighting and posing tips. For lighting, Peter covers his signature LED light bank system but also teaches simpler single-light and speedlight variations. Of course, Peter’s most valuable tips have to do with his coaching. No matter how uncomfortable your subject may be, Peter will give you the tools needed to take control of the shoot, and capture the best possible images, guaranteed.


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