Finding Inspiration Indoors – Laura Froese (Premium)


Finding Inspiration Indoors – Laura Froese

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When you think of shooting indoors, do you feel a sudden dread, lack of creativity, or even boredom? Then this is the course for you! We’re going to open your eyes to the world of potential that lives inside your walls for creating stunning portraits and works of art. I promise – it exists!

In this course we will explore and address all of the things that drain your creativity when shooting indoors. We will discover how to both find and make beautiful light, even in the dimmest of interiors. We will go over tips and tricks for getting your subjects to cooperate with you in smaller spaces, and cover framing, perspective, color theory, textures, and creative storytelling. Laura shares three behind-the-scenes shooting videos using different light sources in her own home, as well as three editing videos, including one on editing super low light images.


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