Cymatics SOLSTICE Mystery Expansion (Premium)


Cymatics SOLSTICE Mystery Expansion

Cymatics SOLSTICE Mystery Expansion   Free Download Latest . It is of  Cymatics SOLSTICE Mystery Expansion  free download.

Cymatics SOLSTICE Mystery Expansion  Overview

What is the Solstice Mystery Expansion?

After finishing SOLSTICE, our team of producers worked on a bunch of bonus content that we decided to save for this.

The Mystery Expansion gives you exclusive access to an additional library of unreleased Melodies, Drums, Guitars & More.

Not to mention, Mystery Expansions for our major launches always end up becoming some of our most rare packs…

So if you decide to grab this one, you’re going to be one of the select few to have exclusive access to these sounds.

Take advantage while you can and get the SOLSTICE Mystery Expansion before it’s gone.

20 Melody Loops + Stems & MIDI
20 Hihat Loops & MIDI
20 Drum Loops & Stems
20 Percussion Loops

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