Angular Material Theming Course (In-Depth) (Premium)


Angular Material Theming Course (In-Depth)

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File Name Angular Material Theming Course (In-Depth)
File size 1.8 GB
Publisher decodedfrontend
update and Published 2023

Topics Which Are Covered

We will start from basics and gradually dive into source code understanding how things actually work
Basic SCSS language syntax and features like: Variables, Modules, Loops, Hash-Maps, Functions etc
Understanding of a color system in Material Design and Angular Material and how to configure and extend your own color palette
Different strategies of migration to SCSS from Less or CSS3
Proper custom component theming
How to work and configure Typography in Angular Material
How to implement Dark Theme for your Application
How to lazy-load Themes and decrease bundle size for your styles
How to configure density of your Angular Material Theme
How to work with Elevations ( Shadows )

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